What They Say

I had something interesting happen the other day. I went water skiing and had the most amazing thing happen. When I was water skiing last year in August I had tried to ski with my feet in the opposite of normal. I got up and was very unstable. When I got out side the wake I could not get back in. The other day I got up with great stability. I could very easily go out side the wake and back in on either side. What this means is in nine months I vastly improved at a sport that I had not practiced one bit. I did some snow skiing this winter but that has never helped my water skiing. Doing somatics is what did it. Thanks a million. Sean Reuland, Freeland, WA

Greetings Ed,I am so humbly thankful to find Somatics on the path of creating health in my new life. I have “Been there! Done that! Got the shirt, Cap and matching water bottle!” trying nearly every modality known to man in my thirsting quest for healing. When I arrived on Tuesday for our appt, my pain level was at a solid 7. Had tied so many knots at the end of my rope, there was only air. All I had left was a leap of faith. The immediate improvement is still amazing.OMG!!!! I am almost delirious with excitement. I just finished my evening routine/Prog #1. I lay quietly for a couple minutes and then, without thinking, simply rolled over on my stomach for about 5 minutes. I used to always enjoy lying on my stomach but the since the event of a year ago, excruciating pain totally prevented it. Woo-Hoo!! Who’d a thought?????????????? I am SOOOO pumped!!Karen Prater, Enumclaw, WA

Eduardo,Katlaina and I do somatics with your tapes almost daily. We both have great results, especially Katlaina with her pain. Jerome Rosen, Greenbank, WA

I drove all the way from Olympia to see you and my knee was in such terrible pain. The session was wonderful and after driving back home for an hour and a half I had to get out of the car and my knee pain was gone.  M. Gibbs. Olympia, WA

It’s getting close to one year since I began working with you and a lot has happened. I have not needed a steroid shot for the pinched nerve in my neck for more than a year. This is a lot better than getting a couple of shots a year to maintain functioning.My dancing has greatly improved. The integration of my movements from the Somatics has led to a higher order of functioning in my improvisational dance. There is a seemless flow to my movements, with a greater variety. R.C., Seattle.

Hi Ed,I’ve started my new job and haven’t had a moment to breathe let alone think about my health (sad to say). My back is doing well. In fact, I do my exercises and my body has responded well.MissyMissy Villapudua, WA

Ed,I’d been intending to let you know about the weeks since I’d been in to see you. This morning, (since it’s raining). I can take time to write.As you know I’d been unable to relieve the pain and spasm in my back through, chiropractic, theraputic massage, nutrition and supplimentation. This problem had begun at least ten years ago, seemingly in my neck and eventually caused symptoms from head to toe. I had thought I’d be just getting by and possibly getting progressively worse due to old injuries, my job, stress, and my age. My bed felt like a bed of stone, (I was close to investing in a very expensive mattress). I didn’t sleep for more than a half hour at a time. It hurt to drive (forget about a new car), walk the dogs, kayak, and do simple housework or yardwork. I was concerned about an upcoming visit with my grandsons, two and three years old.It was one week after my appointment when the boys came to visit. I wrestled on the floor, rode bikes, rowed a boat, lifted and carried them, climbed and played on a jungle gym. No limitations and, I’m sleeping great! And, no new bed.The information you gave was clear and logical, (I used my CD for a couple of days) which made it easy to do at home. I started out faithfully practicing my exercise movements morning and night. Now I miss a day or two, because I’m so busy and active. But I pay attention to the posturing I’d adopted, the way I lift and move, and fix it!Eventually I’ll forget how uncomfortable I’d been and take this natural feeling for granted, but now I can actually lay in bed for a moment and acess how I feel from head to toe, and it’s GREAT! I don’t get up because I hurt, I get up because I’ve had enough sleep and I’ve got so much to enjoy doing. Thank you very much, especially for your patience and the time taken. I knew when I left your office I had tools to help my body/mind heal. Shannon. Whidbey Island, WA

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One thought on “What They Say

  1. Dear Ed,

    I have been meaning to write you this for a long time. I have not returned to you for more work because for all practical purposes, my back no longer bothers me. I attribute this to three things: back-strengthening exercises, a very good massage therapist, and your superb work with Hanna Somatics. I cannot tell you how grateful I have been toward you over these last few months as I began to realize how much better I am. As you know, I went to a chiropractor a stone’s throw from your office for two years and dumped more money than I want to think down that hole with nothing–and I really mean nothing–to show for it. Within a month of working with your exercises I was markedly better, and after six months as I began picking up the exercises on a regular basis, I considered myself virtually cured. I have to say that when I read Hanna’s book and the testimonials from Somatics people about how miraculous it seemed, I was skeptical. They seemed frankly ditzy. But now I are one! It really, really works.

    So I have wanted to express my thanks for a long time. I am enormously grateful to you.

    All the best,

    Larry Daloz

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