Move Like An Animal is Out

After years of struggling with a lack of flexibility, a torn meniscus lead me down the path of discovering how animals move so well.  I thought like many of you, animals naturally stretch.  Well, in fact, they actually contract muscles in order to lengthen them.

Little did I know a decade later I’d have a book on Amazon explaining what animals do and what we can do to move well for life.


Move Like an Animal is now available on Amazon.  You’ll discover what animals do and specific movement patterns to return you to the freedom you once had and can retain as you age.

Get your copy today of Move Like an Animal: Feel Comfortable, Be Flexible, Move Well for Life in 3 Simple Steps –


Get Pain Free – Master the Stretch Reflex

When we learn to play with pain and discomfort, we can literally use our sense and better judgement to move successfully out of pain.  Mastering the stretch reflex with somatics exercises…


Gives us the ability to get out of muscle spasms too.  You can learn to get out of back pain for free.