What is Somatics?

Here’s a quick video on Somatics.

Thomas Hanna coined this term to describe, “the body experienced from within”

What is somatics

Read this to learn more about Somatics.


Letting of tension, stiffness, tightness and SMA

SMA is sensory-motor amnesia as defined by Thomas Hanna. When our muscles forget how to let go of tightness or high levels of tension, we’re living with SMA. See the video below.

Letting Go of Muscular Tension, Stiffness, and Tightness

Simple, easy movement generated with a specific intention lets the brain change how our muscles feel.

Join us in class to learn more.

It’s been awhile…

Ok… I’ve been remiss at keeping up with posts here since I’ve been developing the new site.

On that site and this one too you can link into the free mini course I’m offering.

Essentially you’ll receive 4 somatics exericises classes. You’ll gain immediate access and in a matter of minutes you’ll get a firsthand somatic experience.

The first class is a simple 8 minute class which is one of the core somatics movements that Hanna Somatic Educators teach. It’s a simple movement to free up the back.

A few days later, you’ll receive a more extended class so if you ever bump into a back spasm, you’ll know what to do.

As the 3rd class arrives, you can find out what move most everyone does to lengthen their back… yet in fact… it actually tightens us up instead. Who knew.

You’ll learn a direct hands-on method you can use to release your tight hip flexors in case that ever happens to you… and for those days we find our self sitting too much.

Then if those 3 classes didn’t float your boat… the 4th one will work your back from a different perspective… it might be the one which will release muscles which need to let go.

Get your Somatics Exercises classes here.


• Releases & Reverses Chronic & Acute Neuromuscular Pain

• Reduces/Eliminates Stress

• Improves Mobility, Strength, & Coordination

• Increases Balance

• Improves Posture & Appearance

• Eliminates the need for guarding to Protect Injured Areas

• Improves Flexibility & Physical Fitness

• Eases Breathing

• Provides a new sense of Awareness & Control

• Elevates Sports Performance through Brain Enhanced Movement Skills

• Reduces the risk of injuries