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Get Out Of Pain, Discomfort or Stiffiness in 3 Simple Steps

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What Somatics can do for You…

  • Free Your Chronic & Acute Muscular Pain

  • Rid/Eliminate Stress

  • Increase your Balance & Flexibility

  • Increase Strength, Mobility, & Coordination

  • Improve your Posture & Appearance

  • Eliminate the need for guarding to Protect your Injured Areas

  • Gain a new sense of Awareness & Control

  • Elevate Sports Performance & Physical Fitness

  • Reduce the Risk of Injuries

  • Breathe Easier

Learn the 3 Simple Steps

End your Struggle of Overcoming Pain, Stiffness, re-Injury the Easy Way.  You can change the signals of your brain through a simple Somatic process which you already have, you just don’t know about it…

Relieve your muscular pain by yourself.  Use the greatest technology there is, your brain.  Increase your health and well being with simple, easy to do somatic brain exercises… and all you need is yourself.

No drugs, no balms, no hot tubs, no heat/ice, no special equipment, just your brain and your body to restore yourself to a healthy state.

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We all contend or gracefully move in the field of gravity. If you are on the contending side of the equation, then you understand the anguish, embarrassment, frustration, lack of balance & energy, limitation, ill-temperament, prone-ess to aggravating the same injury over and over.

Add a little STRESS, and you may be an expert of the pain-stiffness-achiness signal.

When you navigate the field successfully, you move easily, comfortably, with the least effort.  Your posture is at ease & you can arrange yourself with great comfort. Heck, you may even move exuberantly.

The good news is with a little brain fitness, you can find yourself back to your former self or to a newer self which will readily move as easy and as graceful as an athlete, dancer or child.

You can do this for yourself through a somatic process which all healthy vertebrate animals use on a consistent daily basis.

When you watch a cat or dog stretch, they are in the process of a pandiculation. Watch what happens after they maneuver them self into what appears as a stretch.

Watch how your pet or animal releases them self after they’ve moved in whatever direction.  They are exercising their brain and reprogramming it for the day.

This is quite remarkable and it’s the underlying key to get you the Results You Want.


Yep, I said it. After all you won’t see an animal doing this with their limbs.hip-flexor-stretch-gif

Did you know you that by bringing your foot to your buttocks, you are contracting your hamstrings, those muscles in the back of your legs?

I was trained and did this for many years to release my hip flexors and whadya know, they weren’t getting any looser as I aged.

In the past, I stretched for 2 hours a day, “thinking”, this would help. Does it help you?  There’s a lot of research out there which reports how it actually weakens us.

By the way, I lived with fibromyalgia for most of my adult life.  Now I have been pain free for 12 years.


What I kept retriggering was the stretch reflex. Now this reflex is very valuable in the sense that my limbs will not go flying off of my body … and yours too. It may be triggered more readily if I’m already a stiff old duffer to begin with or experienced in difficult, ungainly, painful movement.

If you are relaxed and can move easily, you are inhibiting this reflex. When your muscles are stretched, a line of communication opens itself up to report the change in length to your spinal cord, which does the nice thing of sending a signal back to the muscle to do its job, mainly to contract or pull itself together via a feedback loop.  This is a benefit since this aids in our sense of balance and helps right us when bumped by people, pets or things.  Your muscles can quickly and reflexively react to the situation at hand.

What if your movement are being controlled by this stretch reflex?

Or what if you do not have control over your reflexes?  You continue to move in short, tight, protective, or very quick movements which give you an undelightful signal.  I bet you venture around as well as you can.

What happens if the signal isn’t as clear or well-defined as you know or think it oughta be?  Maybe the lines of communication have been scrambled by say a fall or injury, stress, surgery, and doesn’t resolve itself as readily as you imagine it ought to…


Over time, the way we move becomes a learned pattern or series of actions we practice over and over again.  We become quite good at moving our limbs about even if we are stiff, sore, injured, protecting, whatever the case may be.  We end up “doing” a movement because the refrigerator door has to be opened or you phone it in.  Your brain gets to exercise itself in the same manner over and over without any novelty being introduced.

After awhile, with all our tension habits, our brain will contract the other muscle which would normally lengthen in response to the one that is pulling on the other side. Then again, you may pull yourself into a cramp, and you didn’t even see it coming.

This cramp or spasm which lays you out and keeps you from moving is a mis-calibration from your movement control center or thermostat.  Your brain keeps sending a signal to keep your muscles contracted at a certain rate and when the wire is tripped, you clearly know it.  Can you change it?


Healthy cats and dogs know how to reset this thermostat.  Their health and well being are affected by arousing the signals in their brain.  They pandiculate them self and remain comfortable.  They keep their brains fit and their muscles supple and flexible.

This is fostered through a learning process which you can master.  You already have the software installed in your brain.

Somatics is an instrument to upgrade your movement software and enhance your ability, mobility, stability, and  it’s readily available 24/7.  You can move much easier, more comfortably, more gracefully and as easy as any elite athlete if you so desire.  It’s a matter of brain fitness and you can start at any level of where you currently are …

You’ll learn how to control and readily readjust your movement control thermostat. It’s just a matter of learning how to reset what is known as the alpha-gamma coactivation level, or thermostat function as I call it. This feedback loop mechanism can be altered by your conscious awareness.  When this happens you’ll readily move more easily and with less restriction.


Mel Siff, the author of “Facts and Fallacies of Fitness”, says neuromuscular training-correct programming of the central nervous system-is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of all exercise. (This is one of the reasons why I no longer stretch.) The learning of neuromuscular skills is far more fundamental than the acquisition of cardiovascular fitness or muscular endurance. The emphasis on skill acquisition (motor skill programming) and retention (through repetition) at all stages of training must never be neglected.

I was blown away when I read this.  To me it sounded like if I exercise my brain with some skill, this will be that missing link in my fitness. Oh, just reprogram my brain, but how?


Cats are never at aerobic classes and can remain wonderfully flexible. Even horses engage in this same act of pandiculation all throughout their day.

We humans, being the vertebrate animals we are, can utilize this very “process” to remain flexible, be pain free, and move as graceful as an animal can.

Would you care to move like a healthy animal again?

Get Out Of Pain, Discomfort or Stiffiness in 3 Simple Steps

… or the other option?  Is your brain fit?  Can you change it?

Through a learning process you can dial up some new brain cells … and live freer with greater ease as you age…

Instantaneous change in your brain is readily yours…

To get a taste of how easy it is to move using this learning process of pandiculation… which is inherent in your brain…

Learn the 3 simple steps NOW

You may live with:

• arthritis

• bursitis

• fibromyalgia

• headaches

• neck and shoulder pain

• lower back pain

• sciatica

• stress

• muscular pain and tension

• sleep difficulties

• aches and pains of aging

• or similar conditions.

If you experience shallow breathing, numbness in your hands and feet, hip and leg pain, increased curvature of the spine, muscular pain and spasms, stiffness, decreased flexibility, or other common complaints, then you may live with what Thomas Hanna called Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA).


Sensory Motor Amnesia happens when you hold yourself tightly in reaction to pain, injury or emotional stress and this causes your brain to forget how to sense or experience muscles in your body. Your muscles begin to function improperly due to strong reflex messages from the brain which cause them to involuntarily over contract. Yikes!

These chronically contracted muscles can become sore, painful, weak from constant use, and even cause you to feel fatigued. Tight muscles often hurt or cause joints to ache. I know what that’s like having lived with fibromyalgia(chronic pain) for a good portion of my life.

Tight muscles distort your posture, cause stiffness and can contribute to chronic fatigue.

Sound familiar? How did this happen to you? Well any number of ways, perhaps through an injury or even surgery may have caused you to tighten the involved areas.

STRESS causes you to tighten muscles as well. And the passage of time does take its toll on all of us, unless… You begin to reverse the effects with Hanna Somatics and restore your freedom of movement.


Hanna Somatic Education® is a learning process which reverses the effects of SMA and restores flexibility through pain-free movements that clarifies your brain’s motor output and overrides habitual reflex patterns.  It’s a brain exercise program which is relatively easy.

In time, you’ll get the hang of resetting your own movement control thermostat and up the level of your own brain’s fitness.  In effect you’ll remind your brain of it’s capacity to change itself… And it will under your own direction.

All of the Somatic Movements are within normal limits of the body’s range of motion and under your control. You are never asked to complete any uncomfortable movement. Hanna Somatic sessions and classroom instructions are filled with gentle, comfortable, specific and naturally occurring movement sequences.

It’s so simple, you may not believe it.  Don’t take my word on it, though I hope you do after you give it a …

You may be surprised how quick your brain can be reset and will allow you to move more easily and comfortably…  or maybe you just want to sit or stand with more comfort as well.  The rest if up to you…

Yes, you can sit, stand, walk, and move pain free and better than you have lately.

Hands-on private sessions also available.
Got Brain, Get Fit, In an Instant