Are you thinking help me get to sleep?

Zzzzzzzzzzz’s. Are you getting enough in? There was a time when I awoke 60x per minute. Crazy right. No wonder it felt like a mack truck was running me over each week.


All that is different simply by doing a few somatics exercises to get the muscles to calm down, then rest comes easy.

Join our online class so you won’t have to think help me get to sleep… you’ll have the natural tools to zzzzzzzzz and stop and all the tossing and turning.

Get Pain Free – Master the Stretch Reflex

When we learn to play with pain and discomfort, we can literally use our sense and better judgement to move successfully out of pain.  Mastering the stretch reflex with somatics exercises…


Gives us the ability to get out of muscle spasms too.  You can learn to get out of back pain for free.

Pain and exercise

It only took a few steps before I used to feel the pains in walking. Living with chronic pain was no fun and even though I attempted to exercise, trying to do the right thing… I would pay a price.

Eventually I learned how simple movements using the mind would be a way I could change the pain.

To find out for yourself: you can get some free audio classes and discover a new way to move easily.

Hip Pain Relief Move

Been having trouble walking? Sore hip joints?

Here’s a move you can try by using some muscles which lie above the hip.

Somatics exercises are simple moves where we use the brain to intend a movement and we pay attention to what all else is happening as we move.

When we make the connections, which we easily can with a little practice, then our mobility returns, we restore natural flexibility and feel our pains and stiffness melt away.