Hands on Bodywork

If the classroom is not your style, then you may prefer to receive a private hands-on body work (see video below) session to help you relieve the following:

• arthritis       • sciatica

• bursitis • muscular pain and tension

• fibromyalgia  • stress

• headaches       • sleep difficulties

• neck and shoulder pain           • aches and pains of aging

• lower back pain • hip and leg pain

• shallow breathing • numbness in your hands and feet

• spasms • stiffness

• decreased flexibility •  muscular pain and or other common complaints.

According to Thomas Hanna, you may live with what he termed Sensory Motor Amnesia, SMA for short.  In other words, what you are living with is a mind body concern that you are all too familiar with and want to change.


When SMA happens, your brain keeps sending messages and signals to your muscles so they no longer function as well as they can. It’s like being caught in a series of reflexes you can’t esacpe.  You may do things like holding yourself tightly in reaction to the pain, emotional stress or from a recent or past injury.  You know the ones which have been plaguing you for some time.  Ouch!

Your muscles feel sore and painful.  They may even seem weak to you.  Any exertion or repetitive use may have you feeling tired and fatigued.

If you feel tight or your joints are aching, this will distort your posture & keep you stiff.  And you wonder where’s all the flexibility I used to have?

How did this happen to you?  Maybe you’ve lived enough and accumulated stress, injuries, even surgery, causing you to tighten your muscles, or just you adopted a way to move in a compensated matter which became your habit over time.  One in which no longer serves you unless…

You begin to reverse the effects with Hanna Somatics and restore your freedom of movement through a learning process to improve your brain’s function which allows you to restore your flexibility and gives you pain free movement.

You’ll actually reset your own brain’s motor output to improve the reflex patterns you may be caught in.  There’s an actual reset mechanism that you can learn to use so you gain greater control over your muscles by feeling your way through it.

You’re never asked to do anything more than you can handle as you’ll be guided with gentle, comfortable, specific and naturally occurring movement patterns.  All of these are well within your body’s normal range of motion and it’s always under your control.

Yep, it’s really so simple though not too easy to comprehend and yet incredibly effective in managing your self and your own self-care.


The hands on session may last up to an hour and then you will be guided into very simple movements which will help you develop a more accurate sense of your body, and how to recondition your muscular control.  This mind body learning gives you the tools to relieve your pain and improves your freedom of movement.

You’ll receive an  audio copy of your homework, just like the classroom, though more suited to your individual needs. Then with a few more follow-up sessions you will have improved dramatically improved, if not eliminating your concerns.

My  goal is to move you toward your own self-care program and that’s where the classroom instructions will continue to build upon the tools you have for the rest of your easy moving life.

Learn More About Somatics and Self-Care Here.