Somatics Athlete Story – No More Pain or Stiffness

Athletes are discovering new ways to release tension, stiffness and pain.

Somatics exercises, which are the complete reverse to most approaches out there, help athletes turn the corner so the usual icing, ibuprofens and hot tub can go bye-bye.

Hear what Sean had to say:

Want to know what’s it like to be a somatic athlete?

Check out our somatic athlete series.

Who knows, you may give up the ice, heat and even that athletic tape now in vogue.


Move Like an Animal Free Weekend

Move Like An Animal on Amazon The book, Move Like an Animal:  Feel Comfortable, Be Flexible, Move Well for Life in 3 Simple Steps on Amazon is free this weekend.

Discover how the simple animal act of pandiculation is a profound natural ability we can rekindle through the easy to do somatics exercises.

When simple movement is done with a certain awareness we can release tight, stiff muscles which may be kept at bay guarding or holding on well too long.

We can change the signal of “holding on” to letting go which allows us better mobility, easier flexibility thus changing pain into comfort.

Our brain and nervous system can handle the rest when we mindfully and easily work with our natural living process.  No drugs needed to create powerful chemicals or relaxation.

All you need is yourself and a little reminder to update your movement software back to levels of comfort you remember feeling in your youth.  As we age, we can feel better and move easily.

Here’s what they already saying on Amazon:

“Here you will find exercises unlike anything you have ever done. Mr. Barrera has numerous exercises in his book that he demonstrates and teaches you how to do them. There are also some video testimonials from people he has worked with that have seen dramatic results from his training.

At the age of 60, I have accumulated a few aches and pains so I am in the process of working through a couple of them and have started to notice some improvement. This is encouraging and makes me hopeful.”

“I learned a lot about myself with this book. I didn’t know I had so much body tension. The exercises helped me discover this by contracting my muscles and then releasing them. The depth of relaxation after that was profound. I was amazed how many of my muscles were being used unnecessarily during regular movements. I learned the body can live in a much more relaxed state if I tuned in to what my body is doing and feeling. I recommend this book for self-education and especially if you have a lot of stress in your life.”

Move Like an Animal:  Feel Comfortable, Be Flexible, Move Well for Life in 3 Simple Steps.  Get the book now.

Cat Stretch Series Daily Exercises

The cat stretch series is made up of 7 simple movements, well there are 11 parts to it.  Just like a cat or dog who does its morning routine to wakeup the nervous system and muscles, we can do the same with just a few simple moves.

Simple back exercises done at home ready us for the day ahead.  When we begin our day with easy movements, we might just end up dancing our pains away.

Are you thinking help me get to sleep?

Zzzzzzzzzzz’s. Are you getting enough in? There was a time when I awoke 60x per minute. Crazy right. No wonder it felt like a mack truck was running me over each week.


All that is different simply by doing a few somatics exercises to get the muscles to calm down, then rest comes easy.

Join our online class so you won’t have to think help me get to sleep… you’ll have the natural tools to zzzzzzzzz and stop and all the tossing and turning.

Pain and exercise

It only took a few steps before I used to feel the pains in walking. Living with chronic pain was no fun and even though I attempted to exercise, trying to do the right thing… I would pay a price.

Eventually I learned how simple movements using the mind would be a way I could change the pain.

To find out for yourself: you can get some free audio classes and discover a new way to move easily.

Hip Pain Relief Move

Been having trouble walking? Sore hip joints?

Here’s a move you can try by using some muscles which lie above the hip.

Somatics exercises are simple moves where we use the brain to intend a movement and we pay attention to what all else is happening as we move.

When we make the connections, which we easily can with a little practice, then our mobility returns, we restore natural flexibility and feel our pains and stiffness melt away.