Un-exercise to better health

Instead of exercise as we know it, the possibility exists for us to un-exercise our way out of stiffness, immobility and pain so exercise becomes easy.

Somatics exericses are quite often the reverse of most exercise systems out there since we focus on using the brain’s ability to release tight, stiff tension patterns which have us feeling immobilized, protecting ourself or tight as a drum

Un-exercise to:

• Take out Stress
• Reduce Tension
• Move Easy


What’s a pandiculation?

Back in 1680, Herman Boerhaave, the founder of clinical medicine, recognized that a pandiculation returns the muscles to their relaxed places.

Animals have been thought to pandiculate un-consciously… but I’ll have to challenge that. Maybe just maybe, they can feel where their muscles needs a tune-up and they take care of it and move as well as they do.

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